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Our Story

Founded in 1981 as the importer/ distributor Flying Foods International, Gourmet Garage supplied the best restaurants in New York and other major cities with their most essential ingredients. Years later we opened those warehouse doors to the public as our first retail store on Wooster Street in Soho and offered that same high quality to all New Yorkers.

“Shop Like a Chef!“ we declared, and we supplied our customers the freshest fruit and vegetables, just caught seafood, beautifully marbled meats, and the best and most diverse groceries available.  Now every kitchen in New York contained the same exceptional ingredients that Gotham’s leading gastronomic legends enjoyed.  

From that single store in Soho, Gourmet Garage has expanded to five convenient locations now proudly serving Greenwich Village, Lincoln Square, the Upper East Side and Carnegie Hill.  Each store extends our trademark high quality produce, meat, seafood, artisan baked local bread and pastry, as well as friendly knowledgeable customer service, and award winning catering.  For more than 20 years, Gourmet Garage has defined the very best in New York food shopping. 

Our regular customers include leading food writers and professional chefs buying for their home kitchens, along with everyday food lovers who know that fresh is best. They all cherish our variety and quality, and they know that "Shop Like a Chef!” means great food for all.

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